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How Python Asyncio Works: Recreating it from Scratch

Do you understand how asyncio works behind the scenes? Read this article and see how we can use Python generators to create our own version of asyncio, and then use the __await__ dunder method to use the async/await keywords to come full circle! Read More...

Advanced Web Scraping With Python: Extract Data From Any Site

In this article, I cover how to get and manage cookies and custom headers, avoid TLS fingerprinting, recognize important HTTP headers to send in requests, and how to implement exponential-backoff HTTP request retrying. Read More...

Handling Tasks in Asyncio Like a Pro

There are so many ways to handle Asyncio tasks that it isn't always clear which is best for a given scenario. In this article, I first go over the basics of a task object and then talk about all of the various ways to handle them and the pros and cons of each. Read More...


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